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I was fortunate to meet Kendall in 2010 at Ali Brown's Coaching Business Intensive. An amazing woman! I've personally witnessed my friend revolutionize her business, and triple her income by working with Kendall. Yes, she's that good!

Coaching Packages That Sell Themselves

How to Get Your Packages To Sell Themselves

by Kendall SummerHawk

How to Get Your Coaching Packages To Sell ThemselvesI’m often asked, “Kendall, how do I get people interested in my coaching packages and programs? Yours always seem to sell themselves so what is your secret?”

Motivating your ideal client to sign up for your package is a simple formula that any woman entrepreneur can follow — a formula I’m happy to share with you.

There’s just one catch: you must be willing to be ruthlessly honest about what your current packages are missing.

Because if you’re not completely honest with yourself, you’ll skip key ingredients that can make the difference between a package that creates income for you…and one that only produces disappointing results.

To be clear, packages are THE best way to offer your services. Packages replace charging by the hour (which is the worst strategy for pricing your services). They streamline your time and they make your services marketable.

Here is a simple checklist of questions to help get your packages to sell themselves.

1. Does Your Package Feel Overwhelming?

While your heart is in the right place in wanting to help your clients in the best way possible, creating “package overwhelm” isn’t going to help you make any sales. And, it can be the #1 reason potential clients will say, “I need to do X first, then I’ll be ready for you.”

If you already know you over deliver, then it’s time to review your packages with fresh eyes, take a breathe and exhale…and trim 50% out of what’s included. Remember that simple is better here!

2. Is Your Package Clearly Delivering “Marketable Content”?

Marketable content means your topic, title and content give people what they want to buy, not what YOU think they need.

For example, the women entrepreneurs in our certified coach training programs get trained in exciting modules that are proven to be what people are eager to invest in. So little “selling” is needed because the modules sell themselves.

Make sure your content is marketable and you’ll save you months of frustration.

3. Are The Results Clients Experience From Your Package Clear And Easy To Relate To?

Clients will invest in solving problems that are important to them. Now is the ideal time to take an honest look at your package and decide if the problem it solves is the ONE that’s top of mind for your ideal clients.

4. Are You Charging Enough For Your Packages?

Weird as it may sound, if you’re undercharging for your expertise, you may be turning people off from seeing the value of how you can help them. Plus, undercharging sends a message that you may not believe in your ability to deliver awesome results. Ouch!

5. Are You Describing The Juicy Benefits Of Your Package?

Mastering how to talk about your services in a way that focuses on the value and benefits is a skill you can easily learn. To get started, be sure to talk about what your client’s life will look like because of investing in what you’re offering (rather than mistakenly focusing on the features — or components — of your package).

Will Mastering Offering Packages Immediately Boost Your Income? YES!

Plus, you’ll dramatically increase your confidence.

Packages are so much fun to offer and create significantly more revenue for you, while freeing up your time. So, take a fresh look at your current packages with these tips in mind, make any needed tweaks, and go get a client!

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