Feeling Scattered with Your Marketing To-Do List?

Maybe this sounds familiar…

Are you finding fault with yourself (or even feeling like a fraud) because you can’t create an effective marketing plan?

Does your creative nature generate more distractions than focused actions?

Do you feel as if you sometimes have “entrepreneurial A.D.D.”?

And most of all, do you wish someone would just hand you a marketing action plan — step by step — 
that tells you exactly what to do every day … as if 
they were sitting beside you, championing YOUR success?

Then get ready because Kendall SummerHawk is hosting a complimentary training call like no other.

Kendall is someone I deeply admire and love to learn from because of how simple, practical and easy to implement her advice always is.

And on this FREE call, she’s going to be delivering an abundance of tips on how you can get a handle on your marketing to-do list, in just 30 minutes a day.


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Think: CONTENT designed to SIMPLIFY your day into just 30 minutes of marketing that gives your business a measurable boost — more clients, cash and collaborations.

Kendall will show you the EXACT STEPS you can take in just 30 minutes a day to get on track with your marketing.

When you register for this FREE training call you’ll also receive the call recording and all special handouts included in the training.

Simple and easy!

Click here to register for this complimentary call today.


Imagine how much you’ll gain by knowing even just ONE of the tips Kendall will be sharing.

You don’t want to miss this call!

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