Nine Simple Steps to Coaching Business Success

Don't  Get Stressed About Your Coaching BusinessCoaching is an incredibly rewarding business. (Just ask Ali Brown!)

But it’s also one of the most frustrating—if you don’t have a solid plan for your business to generate some serious profits.

It pains me to see so many coaches (who are here to serve) struggle and never reach their potential, because they get stuck in the mud of financial worries.

They want to do what they love, and help others, but they just aren’t making the profits to take off and REALLY soar.

I’m here to tell you that it absolutely does not have to be that way.

Much of what I’ve learned to grow my business is from Ali herself.

In fact, let me not just tell you. I’d like Ali to SHOW you. The timing is perfect for her free webinar, called “9 Steps to Growing a Wildly Profitable Coaching Business” on Wednesday, November 12, at 3pm ET.

You can register now here.

Co-leading this webinar with me will be Joy Chudacoff, Ali’s colleague who has also built her own very profitable coaching business from the ground up. So you’ll be learning from not just one but TWO successful coaches who have powerful expertise to share, and the profits to prove it!

Here are just a FEW of the juicy bits they’ll be covering during this webinar:

* Your coaching prescription for reaching $100,000 in revenues a year with one part-time assistant… and NO live events. (You can also choose to go smaller… or aim much, much higher… but $100-200K is a very happy goal for many folks. they’ll explain why, and lay out a plan for you on the spot.)

* “Toto… We’re not in Kansas anymore!” How the coaching industry has changed dramatically over the last few years (there are pros and cons), and what you need to know NOW in order to be profitable and grow.

* How to plan for profit from the start—including getting your first $$$ clients. (They both “accidentally” discovered coaching as a business in the beginning, and you can learn from their mistakes with price points, timelines, and promises.)

* Why you DON’T need 10 or 20 different marketing strategies—but you do need to know YOUR best 3. (Don’t worry; they’ll help you figure this out! I can be overwhelming out there right now.)

And of course, they’ll give you your complete “9 Steps to Growing a Wildly Profitable Coaching Business!

Have your paper and pen ready, because they’ll be covering a lot of information.

Reserve your spot here now—I hope you can join them!

See you there! 🙂

P.S. Of course I’ll be on the call with you. There’s always something new to learn, and Ali Brown‘s webinars always give you actionable content you can apply to your business right away. Grab your spot today. Don’t delay, you can always watch the replay. 😉

9 Steps to Growing a Wildly Profitable Coaching Business

9 Steps to Growing a Wildly Profitable Coaching Business with Ali Brown

Reserve Your Spot - Ali BrownIf you are a COACH… or are interested in getting into coaching as a business, you’re going to want to see this video that Ali Brown filmed.

In this video, Ali talks about how she got started in coaching, shares tips on growing a profitable coaching business, reveals how she planned her first million-dollar year, and more.

It’s about 9 minutes long, and you can view it here now:

 P.S. If you don’t know Ali Brown yet, this is a great opportunity to get to know her!

Discover Your Purpose, and Spend Your Life Doing What You Love!

The DreamBuilder Program with Mary MorrisseyAre you ready to shed the fears and doubts that have held you back, and start living your life on YOUR terms?

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  • Unsure of how to make your passions a more central part of your life

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