How to Help a Client Who Won’t “Do The Work”

Do You Have a Client Who Won’t “Do The Work”?

by Kendall SummerHawk

One of the most rewarding aspects of business coaching is the dramatic results that clients can achieve with your expert mentoring and support. It’s an experience that raises your vibration and expands your potential to help more people.

Kendall SummerHawk - IAWBC -But every now and then, you may have a client who, despite initial appearances of enthusiasm and readiness, essentially refuses or resists taking action – and thus experiences little or no results.

At first it’s heartbreaking to watch this behavior unfold. Then it becomes frustrating. Eventually you may find yourself downright angry or resentful or doubting your abilities – and this is not a helpful place for you emotionally, nor for your client.

So what do you do when your client simply won’t follow through on her work?

Here is a 4-step process for helping turn the situation around:

#1. Schedule an Open Conversation

Acknowledging that there is an issue can be difficult for both parties and it’s easy to put it off in hopes that the client will figure things out and fix it herself. The fact is, however, that you wouldn’t be the powerful coach she hired if you didn’t provide feedback when she’s struggling.

The sooner you have this conversation, the better it’ll be for both of you. Issues like this create negative energy that affects you beyond the time you spend on this one client – so it’s critical that you step up and take the lead to get the situation resolved.

#2. Clarify the Client’s Goals and Action Steps

Sometimes the client is genuinely on the wrong track with her goals. Make sure that they are still viable and actually hers – not yours or someone else’s. If the client has allowed her goals to be influenced by others, she is far less likely to follow through on them. On the other hand, challenge her if she tries to use weak excuses for downgrading her goals.

Also make sure that she isn’t lacking some practical content or skills that would help her to accomplish her goals. Sometimes those missing pieces aren’t obvious to the client and require an outside observer to identify. Then you can either schedule mentoring time or point her in the direction of appropriate resources.

#3: Tap Into the Emotional Undercurrents

It’s possible that your client has personal issues that she hasn’t discussed with you – and those issues may be impacting her performance. You may not need to know the details, but simply being aware there are issues can help to clear the air around missed goals. Ask the client to be specific about how her work is impacted, and then set new action steps that meet her needs.

More often than not, however, there are underlying emotional blocks, such as fear of failure, lack of self-worth, or inability to follow through on commitments. These challenges need to be brought into the open (whether or not for the first time) and addressed courageously. You may have to refer your client to another coach or even a counselor, depending on the issue and your skill set.

#4: Express Your Heartfelt Support for the Client

Being in a stuck place, regardless of the reasons, is painful for anyone. Let your client know that you’re there to support her through these challenges. Sometimes just knowing that there’s someone who truly cares about her goals and her struggles to achieve them are all a client needs to get her back on track.

Be careful not to let your compassion turn into another round of accepting excuses and missed goals. Ask the client to commit to a revised set of goals and actions steps, and then expect her to stick to them, coaching her with your new understanding of her situation.

Challenging coaching situations are terrific learning opportunities for you to grow…

Coaching problems like this can easily escalate, so it’s important that you continue to stay on top of the situation. Honor them for helping YOU to be a stronger and more powerful coach!

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3 Tips to Effectively Present an Offer in Your Teleseminar

How To Confidently Make Your Offer In A Teleseminar

Written by Kendall SummerHawk

Whether you’re new to leading teleseminars or you’re a seasoned pro, there comes a moment in every “preview” call where it’s time to ask for the sale.

And while you may think that just because you’re on the phone, no one can see you gulp, trust me, your listeners can instantly detect any indications of nervousness about making your offer.

Since leading teleseminars is one of the the best ways to grow your business and to reach a wider audience, it’s crucial that you learn how to overcome any jitters when it comes time to make your offer.

The few minutes you invest in learning how to make your offer with grace and ease can easily pay you back in more sales, new client opportunities and increased confidence.

Here are 3 tips from my “personal best” file that will help you present your offer on the phone with confidence, grace and ease!


Tip #1. Get Your Listeners Onboard With Your Value Early In Your Call

If your tendency is to over deliver, then it’s likely you’re also overwhelming your listeners with an overload of information, which can prevent them from seeing the value of how you can help them. In addition, over delivering is a form of compensating for the “Am I good enough?” syndrome.

Here’s a fantastic tip that will help you solve this: rather than trying to teach your entire system in a preview call, instead, brainstorm all of the different ways your listeners can apply your information to a variety of situations they’ll likely find themselves in. This gives you a simple way to structure your content that also helps your listeners deeply get how YOU are their solution!

Tip #2. Don’t Let Your Voice Tone Give You Away

If you’re at all nervous about the money piece of your offer, it will show up in an obvious change in your voice tone. My Stars coaching programs members love it when I mentor them that discussing your fees should be as natural, as easy and as simple as asking to “pass the salt.”

How do you do that? Breathe…and practice…and remember, your fees are not a reflection of you but are a reflection of how much you value your work.

Tip #3. Melt-Away Any “Money Nerves”

Everyone has their own particular way of exhibiting “money nerves” when making an offer. Some women entrepreneurs talk too much, speak too quickly or veer into justifying or over explaining.

If this is you, not to worry. By knowing how your “money nerves” may try to take over you can easily put yourself back into the driver’s seat. One simple technique is to script your offer so that you’re not tempted to stray off course or ramble. And if your “money nerves” are to speak too quickly, practice speaking slowly. What feels slow to you will probably sound just right in the moment!

Remember That The Energy You Give Out Matters As Much As Your Words!

Give yourself permission to let your passion and love of what you do shine through in your preview teleseminars. Just remember that you want to be as passionate about making the offer as you are about helping people.

This way, you’ll feel confident as you segue into your offer, the transition will feel seamless and your participants will happily invest in more of your programs, products and services.

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